About the Artist

Greg Duncan

Greg Duncan was born in Belgrave, a country town in Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. Greg has always had a fascination with sculpting in wood. In 1982, he decided to take up sculpting as a full-time career. 

“I am self-taught,” Greg says. “At first I began working with timbers such as mallee and redgum. They were a real education and they taught me the differing characteristics and qualities of timber as a medium. My first pieces were small; and after making all the mistakes a beginner can make, I began creating bigger works. At that time, back in the Eighties, I never thought I would end up working on a sculpture 100 metres long.” 

Greg and his family moved to Tasmania in 1994, first settling in the Channel area south of Hobart. After running a successful studio for nine years, Greg decided to pursue his dream of creating a large-scale work in the Tasmanian Highlands. 

“I was captured by the beauty of the Highlands right from the start. When I first visited here in 1990, I knew this was the place I wanted to be. The area has a fascinating history, and that is what I want to document through my carving of The Wall." 

In 2003, Greg and his wife Marg moved to Derwent Bridge in the Tasmanian Highlands, where they constructed a purpose-built gallery to house Greg’s work. 

“Life has been a great adventure,” Greg says, “and The Wall is the next step along the trail. I look forward to sharing it with those who enjoy something a bit different.”